Our goal is to empower and encourage women of all colors to try out new products that could change and enhance their routines. Skin care and beauty does not have to be intimidating.

Korean beauty has taught us that glowing skin starts with curiosity.

Join us as we continue our devotion to dewy skin!

Created by

Elizabeth & Jane


Who We Are: Team Dewy

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Skin type: Normal/combination. Olive undertones.

Location: Seattle, WA

Current Obsession: Birch Juice Hydro Sleeping Pack by ENature

I'm Elizabeth, a 24 year old girl that needed the world to know about her obsession with K-Beauty. When I started, I believed that only expensive products worked. I was mind blown when I discovered skin care didn’t have to be expensive, and that’s how my obsession began. I also love eye shadow, lipstick, highlight and I don’t wear foundation.

I graduated from UC San Diego and currently am an MS student at the University of Washington. I love podcasts, conventions and stand-up comedy; I’ve attended my fair share of comedy clubs and podcast recordings. My favorite sweet is chocolate, and I would fall apart without Trader Joe’s.



Skin type: Oily/combination. Sensitive. Yellow undertones. 

Location: San Diego, CA

Current Obsession: Benton Snail Bee Ultimate Serum

I’m Jane, and I share my first and last name with a certain TV virgin (who I think is awesome, btw). At 25 I recently came to the realization that in a major way, self care can translate into how you take care of your skin and how you utilize your beauty routine. I’m a lazy girl at heart and I’m fairly new to the game so I’ll be learning as I go - but feel free to tag along with me!

I graduated from UC San Diego with a chemistry degree. My other main interests include food - I’m so obsessed that I’ve reached Yelp Elite status in San Diego - and craft beer. I love trying out new places, going to Disneyland (passhole here!), and watching musicals (Hamiltrash ftw).