Our Story

Welcome to Devoted to Dew! We are Jane Villanueva and Elizabeth Quepons, two girls with different skin types but who share one obsession: having good, dewy skin. We first met at work in 2013, and quickly bonded over all things Disney since we were both Disney Annual Passholders at the time. We never really talked about our views on skin care or beauty, instead we each kept our skin woes to ourselves. Fast forward to today, we both still love Disney (sadly, only one of us still has a pass) but we’ve bonded even more over our mutual love for skincare and beauty routines. 

Elizabeth: I’ve always loved makeup, but I was very intimidated by it at first. After college, one day I threw caution to the wind and I just decided to buy an expensive eye shadow palette and I just started using it, hoping for the best. I had no idea what I was doing, but all that mattered was that I liked how it looked and how a little eye shadow made me feel. I believe that Jane and I first talked about K-Beauty when I mentioned that I had visited KTown in LA to specifically look for K-Beauty products; I raved about a cleanser I had found and fallen in love with. I’m pretty sure Jane was very surprised I even knew what K-beauty was. From there, we both started telling each other about products we came across and encouraging (ahem, enabling) each other to buy new products. We started doing this with cosmetics too, not just skin care products. Jane introduced me to Colourpop (I’ve yet to forgive her for that one), and I introduced to her Kylie Lipkits. It’s been such an amazing journey getting to know my skin with someone who is just as obsessed as I am.

Jane: I would hear Elizabeth talk about beauty products every now and then, but when we first met I was a simple girl with no skincare routine other than cleanser and moisturizer. TBH my skin was still pretty flawless, for the most part. My beauty routine was just as simple - liner, highlight, and a little bit of blush. I had a ton of products from drugstores and subscription boxes but wouldn't really wear them. I wore foundation occasionally but didn’t really need it. It wasn’t until Jenn Im launched a line with Colourpop that I began my deep descent into the dark (but beautiful) world of makeup. It was cheap enough for someone like me who wanted to explore new makeup and it was at that moment I realized that quality products don't have to be expensive. I introduced Elizabeth to Colourpop (what can I say’re welcome?) and she acquainted me with the liquid lip devil, Kylie. Shortly after my newfound addiction to makeup, I hit my mid-twenties and saw a total difference in my skin. I started to realize how much more my skin became affected by the environment, my stress levels, eating habits, and hormones. This is when I knew I needed to change my routine and take better care of myself and my skin.

Falling Down the K-Beauty Rabbit Hole

Elizabeth: I’ve been very fortunate because I have good skin. I never had trouble with breakouts or acne, I never even got sunburnt. I did the absolute minimum when it came to taking care of my skin. I got into K-Beauty when Sephora launched their curated K-Beauty line. The first product I ever tried was the Belif True Moisturizing Bomb. I was instantly hooked, but at the time I could not justify the price to continuously restock (it was a sad day when my jar ran out). The second product I tried was the Tony Moly Egg Pore Steamer, but I truly became obsessed when I discovered sheet masks. My skin reacted super well to these items and I started exploring other brands and products. I loved that there were high quality products available at every price range, and I could visibly see my skin thriving on the products I was trying out. I started with a brightening cleanser (The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam) and Face Shop SPF, then slowly started adding more steps as I discovered more products. The efforts I was doing became very real to me when a friend who I had not seen in a few weeks said that my skin was glowing (thanks @Hashtagalec!). I never felt more confident in myself than in that moment, and I committed myself to up keeping my routine. I’ve never looked back.

Jane: My first exposure to K-Beauty was everyone’s favorite Sunday night treat yo’ self moment: sheet masks. I picked up a couple at Galleria in KTown when visiting my brother in LA. I hardly touched them because I picked out gimmicky animal masks that I thought were too cute to use, and multi-step masks which I was too lazy to use. (Those panda and tiger masks are probably still sitting in my beauty caddy, tbh.) At the time, I had no knowledge of any other K-Beauty products or the famous 10 step routine. So, the first time I heard of an actual K-Beauty routine was from Elizabeth. I was intrigued as she pulled up the products online to show me, but my first thought was “OK, what’s in it?” My skin is sensitive, so I can’t do fragrance - I'm oily too - and this was my first instance of thinking hmm, maybe there’s something in the K-Beauty world that would be good for my skin type. This was an understatement to say the least. I soon found that Korean beauty products were plentiful, affordable, and well packaged (and still really cute). To start, I promised myself that I would only add the types of products that I didn’t already have in my routine - which was still pretty much 2 steps. Essence is the heart of the distinctly Korean skincare routine so that was my entry point. The first brand I came across which was perfect for my sensitive (yet oily) skin was COSRX; and my first purchase was the Advanced Snail Mucin Power Essence. From there, my routine continued to grow and I now have a complete 10 step skincare routine! My skin has never felt better and neither have I.

So...what are we doing here?

We decided to launch this project because we wanted to help other women who are curious about trying K-Beauty products or starting a K-Beauty routine. We know there’s a ton of information out there from awesome sources and starting out can be quite intimidating, but we hope that you can relate to us and our experiences. 

In addition to K-Beauty, we also want to be a tool for women of color in the beauty community. We know how difficult it can be to find reviews or swatches that we can confide in and we want to be a valuable resource for WOC by providing swatches and cosmetic reviews of our own.

Stay Dewy,

Jane & Elizabeth

The K-Beauty 10 Step Skincare Routine (or how to survive with 5)

The K-Beauty 10 Step Skincare Routine (or how to survive with 5)