When Beauty Calls, We Come Running

When Beauty Calls, We Come Running

Jane and I love conventions, June-August is generally “convention season” and is always a busy time for us since we attend Comic Con and D23 Expo (when it comes around). While a lot of people shy away from conventions because of the crowds and lines, personally that is what I enjoy most about conventions. I love being in the same space as a whole bunch of die-hard fans, it’s a very unique energy that you’re surrounded in. This year, we decided to add even more chaos to the madness by attending Beautycon LA.

We only attended Day 1 but it was definitely one of the best decisions we made all summer. Since neither one of us had ever attended, we both knew that this convention experience would be different to the conventions we usually attend for a few reasons:

1. Beautycon was a lot shorter than most conventions, therefore, we would have to prioritize our time

2. We had never been to this venue (LA Convention Center) so we didn’t know what to expect in terms of queuing, crowds or the floor layout

3. This would be the first convention where we were amateur fans, and not seasoned ones.

If I’m being completely honest, we were super excited but had no clue what to actually expect. We downloaded the Beautycon app, grabbed our backup batteries and drove up to LA (fun story: we did our makeup in the parking garage before going in).

Upon arrival, you knew everyone was there to SLAY. You can’t help but admire everyone’s makeup, skin, clothes and hair. It’s not weird to stop a random stranger just to compliment their makeup or their style. Beautycon strives to create a space of glamour and acceptance, and they definitely achieved this with their marketing. Their branding is all types of cute and powerful, you just want to go straight to the Beautycon store after you pass through security and buy literally anything with their logo.

K-Beauty at Beautycon LA

We had hoped there would be a bigger K-Beauty presence at the convention because K-Beauty has become so popular, but sadly there was a very limited number of brands attending the convention (here’s to hoping there’s more brands next year).   

Peach Slices attended and was the brand we were most excited about visiting, as we both use their products. Unfortunately, they were not selling any of their products, but if you liked their Facebook pages, recorded a GIF with their adorable props and posted it to any of you social media accounts (and tagged them), you would get THREE SHEET MASKS. The creator of Peach Slices, Alicia Yoon, was spotted at the convention and she later took the time to comment on all the posts Peach Slices was tagged in (including ours) from her personal account, which I loved. Personally, I found it very thoughtful that she took time out of was a probably very busy weekend for her and her company to acknowledge her customers.

To my utter delight, Nature Republic attended Beautycon and they were selling their products. I was super excited about visiting their booth because I had been wanting to try their products, but hadn’t found a retailer in San Diego that carried them. Their booth was packed, and the checkout line was long, but it was all well worth the wait. They were selling their most popular items at convention pricing, and depending on the amount you spent, you would get free samples. I bought their Bee Venom Mist Essence, Peach Skin Smoothing Peeling Mist, Aqua Collagen Solution lip patch and received a free Aqua Collagen Solution sheet mask. I have to say, the Bee Venom Mist Essence is amazing and is now part of my routine! I could see a visible difference after only a couple of uses.

We discovered The Crème Shop at Beautycon, they made a statement by providing really cute photo opps for attendees to participate in. They were selling sheet masks at convention pricing which you could mix and match to create a set, however we were both good and did not indulge here, but we definitely took advantage of the photo opps at their booth (the lighting was on point). Last but not least, LANEIGE attended and while they were not selling their products, they were giving travel size samples of their coveted Water Sleeping Mask.

Getting woke at Beautycon

While receiving freebies is a huge perk of attending conventions, what I think is even better is attending panels. Beautycon had a ton of really interesting panels with topics that ranged from makeup tutorials to beauty topics to social issues. Odds are, there would be at least one panel that could catch your eye. The moderators were mostly A-List celebrities and the panelists were iconic beauty gurus. For Jane and I, it was all about seeing Jenn Im from ClothesEncounters.

Jane and I are huge Jenn fans, personally I love her style and how she’s making moves to build her brand. She participated on a panel moderated by Amber Rose called Beauty and a Bite, along with Katherine Schwarzenegger, Teni Panosian, and Jackie Aina. The panel covered mental health and representation in beauty -and I was here for it. All the panelists were very open and honest about the struggles they face with their mental health and talked about what they’re doing to bring awareness to the importance of mental health. Jenn and Jackie got very real when they got into talking about their struggle to bring diversity to the world of fashion and beauty, which is a world largely dominated by Western beauty ideals and stereotypes that they don’t meet. Jenn talked about her efforts to break out of the “model minority” mold by being one of the first Asian woman on Youtube that created content that didn’t fit Asian stereotypes. I found their views very meaningful because as a WOC, it’s refreshing to learn about the type of actions other women take to fight stereotypes and to change how they are represented. The panel was very empowering, and you left feeling inspired to do anything.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Beautycon was an amazing experience and we enjoyed every second of it. We got a ton of samples and were able to buy products that sometimes aren’t easy to find. We discovered new brands (some non-K ones as well) and were able to interact with other beauty obsessed fans and learn their tricks of the trade. I highly encourage everyone to attend Beautycon next year, even if it’s just for one day. Buy a wristband and go, discover new brands and products and take all the selfies you want (we promise, the lighting at all the photo opps is amazing). You will leave the venue ready to slay - as you apply the highlight you just purchased.

Stay Dewy,


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