Fighting Seattle Freeze: K Ba-Nana Pop Up Store Review

Fighting Seattle Freeze: K Ba-Nana Pop Up Store Review

Seattle has long kissed the sunny weather goodbye and has gotten cozy with early sunsets, sweaters and frosty mornings. It’s my second fall in Seattle and let me tell you, I’m taking it a lot better than I did last year. Why you may ask? Well first, I knew exactly how my skin was going to change with the change of seasons so I was able to be proactive with my skincare routine. Second, my wardrobe went through a major makeover so I now have appropriate jackets and boots (lol to me trying to walk around Seattle last year in a windbreaker, not an actual rain jacket). And third, I finally found the perfect way to fight Seattle Freeze in the form of one of the cutest and best stocked K-Beauty pop up shops I’ve ever been to called K Ba-Nana (trust me, I’m not throwing around that praise lightly).

If you’ve heard me complain about it once, you’ve heard me complain about it a million times - places to buy K-Beauty products are few and far between here in Seattle. It’s been my main complaint since I moved here and it was driving me crazy. I have to rely on Jane to send me products from California (shout out to Jane, the realest) or I have to wait and have a big enough order to qualify for free shipping from retailers. When I saw on instagram that a K-Beauty pop-up shop was coming to Seattle, I went running.

What is K Ba-Nana?

K Ba-Nana is a huge pop-up shop in U-Vill, a mall about a mile away from the UW campus where I am currently a grad student. If I can say only one thing about K Ba-Nana is that they know their shit. The store is super cute and aesthetically pleasing, the photo ops in the store are out of this world. I think what sets K Ba-Nana apart from other pop-up shops I’ve been to is the creativity in their branding and the store set up. They have an awesome “vending machine” set up along the wall filled with all the sheet masks imaginable.


Brands at K Ba-Nana

The lovely ladies over at K Ba-Nana definitely did their homework because they’ve curated the most amazing brands for the store. I was definitely impressed because a lot of the brands that they carried are normally found online. Even better, K Ba-Nana is continuously bringing in new brands and they make sure to keep everything in stock. Here’s a few of the brands I come across.

  • Peach Slices

  • Klairs

  • IPKN

  • Knours

  • Too Cool for School

  • SkinRxLAB

  • A’Pieu


  • Helloskin

  • Weeknd

  • TPSY


K Ba-Nana Vending Machine

My favorite part of their store is their vending machine! They created a huge vending machine along one of the walls in the store filled to the brim with sheet masks! It’s basically sheet mask heaven - they have a huge variety of brands, some which I had never heard of. I basically stood in front of the vending machine for a good 25 minutes and damage was done (no regrets).


Beauty Events

K Ba-Nana has distinguished itself from other pop-ups because of their commitment to put on great events that educate and build community, such as a Ladies in Business event and a makeup event hosted by Tammy Yi ( I had the privilege to attend a beauty event hosted by none other than the fabulous Ashley Hasegawa!


Ashley is a Prestige Skincare Educator based out of LA. Jane and I had the opportunity to meet her in LA at BEAUTCHAT X ONEOSEVEN. Ashley is a wealth of knowledge and experience and it was great having a chance to see her again. I was particularly excited for this class because my PNW peeps would learn about the glory of the Korean skincare routine from someone other than myself, which is a battle I’ve been fighting since I moved here (yay to my girlfriends here finally double cleansing!).


If you’re in Seattle and you love skincare and happiness, you have to go to K Ba-Nana. Make an impression this holiday season and stop by and pick up some unique gifts (sheet mask stocking stuffers anyone?). You won’t be disappointed, Liz and the K Ba-Nana crew have created an amazing space that is both welcoming and a skincare dream wrapped into one. I don’t think I’ve mentioned how extremely nice, helpful and knowledgeable the entire staff are. You can tell right off the bat that everyone wants to be there and are passionate about what they do, which is something you don’t always see. They made me feel super welcomed and part of the K Ba-Nana family. K Ba-Nana will be in U-Vill until the end of the year, don’t be that person that doesn’t go and then has to deal with the crushing FOMO (sorry Jane!)


Stay Dewy,


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