Elizabeth’s Cold Weather Skincare Tips

Elizabeth’s Cold Weather Skincare Tips

The first day of spring is rapidly approaching, but I know that a lot of people are still experiencing cold, dreary weather. The weather here in WA has been improving, and now it’s my girl Jane that has been dealing with crappy weather in “sunny” San Diego. It seems like every time I go on Instagram, I only see people that are freezing their buns off even though spring break is just around the corner.

I have to say, I am beyond thrilled that winter is about to be over. I thought I had been adjusting to the weather in Washington relatively well, but I ate my words, because the last month has been really rough. I admit, I’ve thought about quitting everything and hopping on the next plane back to San Diego multiple times in the last month. Any temperature above 50 degrees sounds fantastic right now. Ironically, I was born and raised in Alaska, but my family and I moved to San Diego when I was really young, so I haven’t spent any significant time in cold weather before this move. In conclusion, your girl has had a hard time dealing.

I noticed almost the second I moved to Washington that my skin changed drastically. It didn’t get any worse, but I definitely noticed that it was drier than usual, and I had to change my routine pretty drastically, and quickly. In colder weather, there’s a lot less moisture in the air that basically sucks the moisture out of your skin cells. This is why you experience drier skin during the winter and why your skin often feels tight during colder weather.

This experience has taught me firsthand how difficult it can be to adjust your skincare routine for cold weather, so I decided to put this guide together to share how I’ve been able to conquer the weather and still have dewy skin even if it hurts my face to go outside. Let’s get to it!

1. Exfoliate more often

For the longest time, I had the misconception that you shouldn’t exfoliate as often during cold weather seasons. I thought exfoliating too much during cold weather would make you more prone to irritated or drier skin. However, I’ve learned that during colder weather, you should exfoliate more often because the cold air basically sucks the moisture out of the air and makes your skin drier which leads to more dead skin cells on your face. If you’re in areas where the heater is being blasted, that makes you more susceptible to drier skin as well.

I normally exfoliate once a week, but I increased it to two times a week with a BHA acid. This really helped my skin absorb products and it helped my skin not look dry or flaky.

Product I swore by this winter:

COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid

2. Layering toners

Toners have been the real MVPs for my skin this winter. My skin would not have dealt with the cold weather as well as it did without toners. There’s a method in K-Beauty called the 7 Skin Method, where you layer 7 layers of toner to increase the level of hydration on your skin. I did a modified version of that method, instead of 7 layers I’ve been doing 3 layers. I used a very watery toner first, a thicker one second and a combination toner last.

Layering toners really increased the level of hydration on my face because my face was able to absorb all the hydrating awesomeness without looking greasy or feeling overwhelmed. Remember, toners are basically primers for your skincare routine and I strongly believed that layering toners made the rest of my products even more efficient during the winter.

Products I swore by this winter:

Mizon Intensive Skin Barrier Toner

 MISSHA Near Skin Simple Therapy Mist Toner

3. Face Mists

Face mists are the underdogs for an awesome winter skincare routine. I have a bottle of face mist in my room, in my car and one in my purse at all times. Face mists are useful because they help protect your skin from losing hydration. I just spray it on about once a week, or right before I’m about to go outside. Most face mists are focused on hydrating, but there are plenty out there that also tone, exfoliate, or even brighten skin. There’s a ton out there, and the bottles are normally sturdy and compact enough that you could carry around a bottle in your purse. If you’re worried about your makeup, most mists won’t make your face melt off. To be on the safe side, I just make sure to cover my eyeshadow while I’m spraying my face.

Product I swore by this winter:

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Cucumber and Green Tea

4. Moisturize

This seems like a no brainer, but I never really understood how important it was to choose the right moisturizer or lotion for the winter. I can admit I had never put my moisturizers to the test until I moved here. When I lived in San Diego, I could basically use the same moisturizer all year round because the weather didn’t vary too much. I realized really quick that practice wasn’t going to cut it this winter. I looked for moisturizers that had a thicker consistency, gel moisturizers were too light and left my skin feeling drier and tighter. Thicker moisturizers “sealed” my skin against the environment so I wouldn’t lose any moisture while I was outside. Lighter ones, such as lotions or emulsions, you can layer!

Products I swore by this winter:

BELIF True Cream Moisturizing Bomb

ENature Birch Juice Hydro Emulsion

5. Lip care

Exfoliate, lip balm, lip treatment, repeat. Remember how I said earlier that cold air pulls all the moisture out of your pores? It does the same on your lips by pulling left over saliva particles on your lips, which leaves behind flaky, cracked lips. No matter how much lip balm you put on, you will have little shreds of dead skin if you don’t exfoliate. You don’t need to go invest in a super expensive lip scrub, but just use something. If you exfoliate consistently, your lips will look amazing. Next, make sure to always carry lip balm! Get into the habit of putting on lip balm while you’re getting ready, working out, laying in bed on your phone...anytime you have free time, put on lip balm. Last, try to do a lip mask/treatment at least a couple of times a week to really replenish your lip’s moisture, especially if you tend to use matte lipsticks (like me). Doing so really helped me keep my lips looking smooth and flawless.

Products I swore by this winter:

elf Cosmetics Lip Exfoliator

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

The Face Shop Lip Care Cream (Honey)

The Face Shop Honey Lip Balm (Honey)

6. Sleep Packs

Sometimes, it’s just really cold and if you spent a lot of time outside, you would be feeling it at night. Sleep packs became my go to product this winter after a particularly long day, or a day where I spent a ton of time outside. They’re super easy to use and don’t require any additional effort on your part. Sleep packs restored my skin overnight and really did an awesome job in re-hydrating my skin. If you spend a lot of time outside, incorporate sleep packs to moisturize your skin. Look for sleep packs that restore and hydrate.

Products I swore by this winter:

ENature Birch Juice Hydro Sleeping Pack

COSRX Ultimate Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask

7. Cold Weather Ingredients MVPs

While I’m a strong believer that all ingredients are amazing, and they all deserved to be loved and cherished for helping us slay, these ingredients REALLY stood out to me this winter. The products that I used that contained any of these ingredients were really effective and really helped me keep my glowing skin this winter.

Birch Juice: AKA birch sap, contains a ton of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, proteins, and xylitol. It’s incredibly hydrating because of its structure, it’s super light so it absorbs really quickly- this is why products with birch juice are a little lighter than most products. Birch juice contains vitamin B3 and vitamin C to brighten your skin and promote skin cell production.

Aloe Vera: This is great to soothe damaged skin (I experienced a bout of cold burn, and aloe vera really helped). Aloe vera also sticks itself to your skin, which creates a barrier that prevents you from losing moisture.

Honey: Honey is a natural antibacterial ingredient that helps fight breakouts and keeps your skin clean. It’s also a natural humectant, so it binds moisture to your skin.

Snail Mucin: Snail mucin firms skin, boosts elastin and collagen production, replenishes moisture, and repairs your skin. I used it for moisturizing purposes, because it binds to your skin to prevent you from losing moisture.

I know this guide is a little late since spring is going to be upon us soon, but I hope you find it useful if you’re still experiencing unusually cold weather! I’d love to hear any of your cold weather tips and tricks!

Stay Dewy,



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